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KONG Chong Phang

Managing Director, R021898J

Kong has fourteen years of commercial real estate experience. He spent four years in DTZ Debenham Tie Leung and Colliers International specializing in retail and office leasing.

Prior to that, Kong worked for Triple One Properties for three years, where he concluded various transactions of some 50,000 sq ft commercial real estate in the shophouse sector.

He has previously represented numerous corporate clients, which include Asiasons Capital Ltd, Sony Entertainment, Reliance Asset Management, Norstar Shipping, Audemars Piguet, The Dairy Farm Group, ATP Instone Singapore, Linc Energy Limited, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corp, Sunline Wealth Management, JBS Foods, and Lighthouse Canton.

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Rayy Toh

Principal Consultant, R000846C

Rayy Toh has been representing corporate clients in commercial leasing for many years. His experience and wide network have proved to be effective and efficient in helping local and overseas companies secure their commercial properties in Singapore.

His friendly demeanor and quick thinking have won him several loyal clients. He was previously with ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd before joining Citi Commercial in 2017. 

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David Lim

Principal Consultant, R042573J

David Lim has helped several industrialists secure their production sites in 2011 and in more recent years, he has served corporate clients in the office space leasing and sale. Some of his clients are Greenhub Suited Offices, ATCA Management Services, CSAM Asset Mangement, DNMC (Singapore) Resources, Containerchain (Singapore), Chappuis Halder & Co, Richspice Pte Ltd, Dana Engineers International, Banjaran Wealth Pte Ltd, Trillion Energy Pte Ltd etc. 

David recently won the Best Collaborator award in 2016 for his excellent teamwork and standard of integrity.

David is known for his honesty and straightforward demeanour, and will not hesitate to tell clients the truth even if it may be hard to swallow at times. 

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Gillian Low

Executive Director, R055448D

Gillian Low has 15 years of working experiences in the corporate and public sectors.

She graduated with a second upper honours degree in Civil Engineering from NUS. In addition to serving clients in corporate leasing, she also oversees the operations and compliance in Citi Commercial.

Her eye for detail and strive for perfection have proved to be instrumental in helping her clients secure their choice office locations. Some of her recent corporate clients are PFC Singapore, Gulf Oil Marine, and Allison+Partners.

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Lisa Koh

Principal Consultant, R043391A

Lisa Koh is an experienced property consultant who has been actively serving private investors in purchasing and leasing of their properties. She joined Citi Commercial in 2015, bringing with her a wealth of experience. She has helped Capital Dynamics Pte Ltd secure their office in Robinson 112, and represented Kith Cafe in their expansion.

Lisa has also mentored several consultants. Her approachable demeanor and ability to guide and teach have been key in grooming successful real estate consultants. She looks forward to taking a few more teachable salespersons under her wings in the new year.

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Lucy Liu

Senior Principal Consultant, R030370H

Lucy Liu has been serving corporate tenants, landlords, and investors in leasing and sale of commercial properties since 2012. Her clients include Performance Labs, EC World Asset Management, Singapore Bora Petroleum, Epic Shipping (Chartering), Navoil Trading, Success Dragon, ZAG International,  etc. She is known for her resilience and effectiveness amongst her clients.

For the last three years in a row, she has clinched Citi Commercial's Top Producer award, and has achieved the "Million Dollars" badge when she hit the commission target of one million dollars.


"I recently engaged Lucy to search for a new commercial rental property in Singapore. Lucy was excellent at identifying what I was looking for and presented me with a broad spectrum of options that may suit my purpose whilst providing well received counsel regarding the pros and cons of each unit. Always professional, always patient and never flustered. Lucy is a fine example of a great commercial property agent."

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Sean Huang

Principal Consultant, R052388J

Sean Huang has been serving corporate tenants since 2014. He is equipped with the latest market intelligence and adequate resources to provide a comprehensive solution to his clients' business space needs. His efficiency and attention to details are qualities that are much appreciated by clients who may not have the luxury of time and resources to sort out their business space requirements.

His affable disposition has won him many repeat clients. As a result, he won the Top Rookie award in 2014, Good Performer in 2015, and Top Performer in 2016.

His clients are Winson Oil Trading, Numerix Singapore, John Holland Pty Ltd, aCommerce Pte Ltd, Treis Asia, Hermes GPE Singapore, ITEL Learning, Systems, DZH NextVIEW, Atlantic Industrial & Trading, Xandar Capital, Headland Capital Partners, Tyler Capital, etc    


"I am writing for the purpose of commanding the service our company has received from Mr Sean Huang. From our very first meeting, his attitude was respectful and sympathetic to our needs. He quickly understood what we wanted, and immediately took us to the space that we eventually lease. During the negotiation process, he performed in excellent fashion to assist both parties to reach an agreement. I would readily recommend his services to other companies and would engage him again myself in the future."

- Mike Scott, CEO of Clearsource Pte Ltd

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Alex Lim

Principal Consultant, R019566B

Alex Lim focuses on shophouse office leasing in the Central Business Distrist (CBD) of Singapore. These shophouses are rich with history and many of them occupy strategic locations in Singapore's CBD. Many of them are well-maintained and are good alternatives to corporate building office spaces.

Some of Alex's clients include LYS Energy Solutions Pte Ltd, POD I+A, U100 Pte Ltd, Pilates Passion etc. 

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Ian Ng Yee Hong

Senior Consultant, R012011E

Prior to joining Citi Commercial, Ng Yee Hong spent 2 years as a real estate consultant at DTZ where his eagerness has earned him Top Rookie and Top Producer awards. Having transacted a variety of commercial properties, he eventually decided to focus his efforts in the office leasing market and joined Citi Commercial as an office space consultant in 2015.

Yee Hong won the Good Performer award in 2015. The increasing number of repeated clients over the years testifies to his excellent service and professionalism.


"While I was looking for tenant to lease out my office unit in Goldhill Centre, my friend who also has a unit there recommended Ian to me. Ian got in touch with me almost immediately. After collecting all the information about my unit, I was pleasantly surprised that he marketed my unit very well with photography and professional advertisements. He managed to lease it out very quickly even before the previous lease expired. Most importantly he also managed to get me a price within my expectations. Ian has ample experience in commercial leases and handled the leasing process very smoothly. I find him very professional, easy to work with and has good after sales follow-up too. I definitely will work with him again."

- James Phoen, Owner

"Ian helped our company find an office that all our employees from top to bottom love. We had a long list of requirements but with his persistence and professionalism we found exactly what we wanted. Ian understood our needs and was always easy to get hold of; both qualities that a customer will want from their real estate agent.

- Nina Koskinen, Pacific Hunt Energy Pte Ltd

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Jeremy Lim

Principal Consultant, R053455F

Jeremy Lim has been serving corporate tenants and landlord in corporate leases since 2014. Apart from leasing, he also provides services to potential buyers and sellers of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Some of his clients include Singapore Kindness Movement, Nestia Pte Ltd, Fit Rumms Pte Ltd, The Chope Group etc. 

Jeremy won the Good Performer award in 2015. 


"Jeremy was extremely responsive and helpful during our search for an Embassy space in Singapore. He was careful and meticulous with the details, and he is someone who knows the process of office leasing and procedures well.

We had a very tight schedule, timeline and budget, Jeremy ensured that he only shortlist properties that were in line with our requirements.

I am glad that I engaged Jeremy in our lease, and I will readily recommend his services to any companies that need an office broker that will act best in their interest."

Mario Alzugaray, Deputy Director
Asia & Oceania Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

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Kenneth Yong

Principal Consultant, R024579A

After spending 3 years in his related field of study in an engineering company, Kenneth ventured into real estate agency work in the residential sector with ERA Realty Network in 2006.

In June 2012, Kenneth joins Citi Commercial as a Consultant. Since then he has helped several prestigious clients secure their office spaces in the Central Business District, namely Genesis Chiropractic, Rosatom Asia, Verint Systems, SP Corporation Limited, Bonhams (Hong Kong), etc.

" It was present working with you (Kenneth Yong) and enjoyed your service. Look forward to working with you." -Manish Shah, Vice President of Verint Systems.

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Jenny Lin

Senior Consultant, R049459G

Jenny Lin joined Citi Commercial in 2015. Her real estate brokerage experiences were mainly in the residential sector. When she joined Citi Commercial, she started focusing more in the commercial sector. She has successfully helped several companies securing their commercial spaces, namely Capital Dynamics Pte Ltd, Kith Cafe, Tech in Asia Pte Ltd etc.

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Luke Arikans

Consultant, R042026I

Luke Arikans was working in a HR consultancy firm prior to joining Citi Commercial in 2015.

Although he was relatively new to the commercial real estate industry when he joined, his customer-centric service and attitude have won him several loyal clients. He has successfully represented LUXI Group, Beautiful Love Wedding, Mobilus Singapore and several others in the leases of their commercial spaces. He looks forwards to helping more companies in commercial space leasing.

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Benjamin Ng

Consultant, R052488G

Benjamin Ng is an experienced salesperson with over 8 years of sales experience from various industries. 

He first ventured into the real estate industry in 2014 focusing in sales & rental of condominium projects in districts 9, 10 & 11. He has helped several investors grow their property portfolios ever since.

In 2015, he joined Citi Commercial as a Business Space Consultant focusing more in leasing of commercial spaces. His dedication in offering consistent excellent consultancy service has brought him many repeated clients.

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Joanna Zhou

Associate Consultant, R056197I

Joanna Zhou joined Citi Commercial in early 2016. Since then, she has been served many clients, namely 701Search Pte Ltd, IPMG Singapore Pte Ltd, Nightingale Medical Group Pte Ltd, Keshik Capital Pte Ltd etc, in securing their office spaces.

Joanna has recently won the Best Rookie award in 2016.

Her efficiency and client-centric approach have won her praises from clients and referrals. She looks forward to helping many more clients in office search effort the years ahead.

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John Tan

Consultant, R048081B

John Tan joined Citi Commercial in 2016.